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Let HallooGPT Answer Your Sales and Support Calls

Our custom phone assistants are trained on your data and handle your incoming calls 24/7, ensuring that no calls are ever missed again, even during busy periods.

  • Scales to meet any demand
  • Never needs a break
  • Easy to set up and deploy

Trained on your data

The AI assistant continuously learns from your interactions to tailor itself specifically to your business needs. Just like an additional employee, it gradually gets smarter through on-the-job experience with your customers and systems.

Customizable voices and styles

Select from over a dozen warm and friendly male and female voices. Tailor standard prompts, and conversation parameters to align the assistant to your organization.

Integrates seamlessly with your team

The assistant learns from and cooperates with human agents using advanced contextual data transfer abilities between systems. It knows just when to hand-off to a specialist, ensuring optimal efficiency and customer experience.

Charleston Co. School District
Louisiana SPCA
Wells Fargo
Clinton Global Initiative
Inter Continental Exchange
American Red Cross

Are Understaffed Lines Costing You Customers?

Overloaded employees lead more callers straight to drained voicemail and full call queues every day.

Empty office

Missed calls

Calling is their lifeline to you, yet the vast majority of prospects don't stick around long without an answer.

  • 58% of consumers say that an unanswered call negatively influences their perception of a busioness.
  • 75% of callers hang up in fewer than 4 rings.
  • 9 out of 10 callers won't leave voicemail and simply contact other sellers
Waiting room

Excessive wait times

Long hold times erode brand perception incredibly fast — consumers today expect more and have little tolerance for delays.

  • 25% of consumers will abandon calls after 2 minutes; over 60% by 5 minutes.
  • 72% report wait times impact brand loyalty.
  • A 30-second reduction in hold time can increase capacity by 3-5%.
Frustrated woman on phone

Unresolved calls

Between constant understaffing, turnover and training struggles, ever-growing businesses can rarely resolve every call. So issues persist, requiring frustrating callbacks which compound customer effort and company costs.

  • Almost 50% of inbound calls are considered a failure, with unanswered questions needing callbacks.
  • Poor first call resolution drive 26% greater calls per customer.
  • Increasing customer effort by just 20% on calls diminishes revenue over 15%.

Welcome to Precision Communication With HallooGPT

Streamline your communications by instantly responding to every call, minimizing wait times, and providing intelligent resolutions.

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Continuously trains on your data

Lifelike conversations driven by actual interactions means its skills specialize to your exact needs over time.

  • Upload documents, PDFs, web pages, FAQs and more to your chatbot to ensure accurate, relevant answers.
  • Provide feedback based on real conversations to improve answers to common questions.
  • Updates and new information is incorporated imediately for future conversations.
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Scales effortlessly to meet demand

AI assistants spin up or down and cooperate as needed to provie smooth, consistent service no mater the influx.

  • On duty 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Consistent service levels without disruptive hiring & training.
  • Scale your account as your business grows.
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Integrates seamlessly into your systems

IDs callers and accesses relevant records so unique customer needs are quickly recalled each time.

  • Calls can be transferred to human agents and groups based on specific queries.
  • Webhook integrations into backend CRM and databases based on caller-ID for personalized query responses.
  • Access to chatbot transcripts and call flows for training or follow-up messaging.

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours for Over 20 Years

Halloo has served small businesses like yours for over 20 years. Here are a few of them:


Choose a plan based on your anticipated peak demand for simultaneous chatbot instances. HallooGPT can be used as a standalone AI call assistant, or paired with our Halloo Biz virtual phone system for a fully integrated call center solution.

$ 29 /mo

2 simultaneous

  • 1 toll-free or US local number
  • 10,000,000 characters of training data
  • Transfer calls to 1 external number
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$ 59 /mo

5 simultaneous

  • 1 toll-free or US local number
  • 10,000,000 characters of training data
  • Transfer calls to 1 external number
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for larger

  • Multiple chatbots
  • Larger training databases
  • Transfer calls to external call center or trunk groups
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What happens if I get more simultaneous calls than my plan can handle?

Overflow calls are sent to an external number or voicemail. Note that simultaneous outbound calls require the addition of a Halloo Biz service plan.


Can I use HallooGPT with my existing virtual phone system?

Absolutely. The GPT assistant is designed to handle your most common queries directly. Contact us if you require simultaneous call transfers out to an external service.


Can the AI smoothly hand off calls to human staff when needed?

Yes, you can train the system to detect certain classes of inquiries such as sign-up questions as a trigger to transfer the call to a human agent.


What advantages do AI assistants have over just boosting human call staff?

Compared to paying, managing and training growing call teams, HallooGPT cost-effectively augments capabilities of your staff so they can focus on complex cases.


How does the AI improve, adapt and get smarter for me over time?

By monitoring transcripts of your AI conversations, you can quickly improve incorrect answers, and add new training data as your business evolves.


How difficult is it to set up HallooGPT?

You start by uploading information that your company has already developed like brochures, support pages, and websites. You can augment this with frequently asked questions and topics that you encounter in your normal business flow.

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